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About Us

Interpretec specialises in professional translations and interpreting services for urgent, legal, technical or publicity translations and in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services for conferences, marketing presentations, training programmes and seminars on scientific, clinical and technical matters. We also have ample experience in press releases, visits from VIPs, board meetings and annual general meetings of golf clubs and communities of owners. Located near Marbella in the province of Malaga, Interpretec has more than 27 years' experience on the Costa del Sol, Malaga and throughout Andalusia. We don't just translate documents and interpret at conferences and meetings either. We offer a complete advisory service regardless of what your linguistic requirements may be.

Urgent Translations

At Interpretec we know that our image and our clients' image depends on an immediate response to enquiries or requests for work and accurate and precise communications. This means that, apart from the price for the assignment, our quotation service includes a delivery date and even the time of day the final product will reach the client.

Call us on to discuss your requirements or e-mail us for a quotation and an immediate response, with no obligation, no matter how large or small the assignment.


Interpretec works with both the private and the public sector. We have ample experience working with regional, national, European and international agencies, where standards of quality, accuracy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance. Over two decades of experience working for private individuals, lawyers, government agencies and commerce testify to our reputation and the degree of trust between our clients and our company.

Ask for a Quotation

For an immediate response, ask us for a quotation with no obligation. E-mail us or telephone us now on .

For translation assignments, please remember to send us all the relevant details to assist us in sending you a quotation, namely: your name, e-mail address and telephone number, the nature of the assignment, language(s) required, deadline and any other information you consider appropriate.

Or just send us the document and your details. We will contact you as soon as possible.

For interpreting assignments, please remember to provide us with the following additional information: location/venue, date and time of meeting and number of participants attending the meeting. We will call you to discuss whether you require consecutive, simultaneous interpreting or any other kind of service on receipt of your request.

Translation Services

We operate a fast, no-nonsense translation service with the emphasis on the quality of the final product. This means we don't just translate the document, but work with our clients as part of their team, ensuring that the final product is grammatically correct, accurate and clear, whilst projecting the right image for our client.

All our translations are translated by a professional translator and then edited and proofread by another to ensure that the standard of our work is always at its best, reflecting subtle turns of phrase and nuances in the exact cultural equivalent of the target language, whilst preserving and recording any technical and/or legal details exactly as in the original document.

We select, instruct and liaise with professional translators and interpreters with a proven track-record, all of whom are members of the appropriate professional association. Assignments are always handled by an accredited translator whose language of habitual use, or mother tongue, is the target language.

Interpreting Services

Our interpreting services include simultaneous conference interpreting, consecutive interpreting and chuchotage (simultaneous whispering).

Our clients are often not familiar with the kind of interpreting service they may need. Call us to discuss your plans, so that we can advise you on what your options are for a given event.

Whether it's taking care of all the interpreting services, booths and audiovisual equipment for an international conference; hiring an interpreter for a business trip, a meeting or a training course, or planning a specialised, technical working tour for delegates in Spain, Interpretec will work with the client as part of their team to make sure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

A Special Service for Communities of Owners.

With over 27 years on the Cost del Sol, Interpretec has extensive experience working for expats and owners of holiday and residential property throughout the Costa del Sol.

As an independent, third party organisation, we are frequently requested to interpret and translate at Annual General Meetings for Communities of Owners, thus facilitating communications between owners of different nationalities and the Administrator or "Management Company" responsible for looking after your property whilst you are away.

Communities of property owners

Sometimes the presence of an interpreter at a meeting can help owners to hold an organised meeting where, regardless of what disputes and differences of opinion there may be, decisions can be reached and motions voted on in an orderly manner, giving rise to a productive meeting at which progress can often be made just because everyone understands each other clearly. Once the meeting is over (and if requested and authorised to do so by the Community's Administrator), we can also produce the minutes for your meeting and then translate them into the language of your choice.

Call us to discuss you requirements on .

Organising a Conference

What if you're organising a conference but are unfamiliar with your language requirements?

Interpretec will advise you on the kind of interpreting you will need, the exact human and technical resources you will require, how these should be deployed and how much it will cost, enabling you to produce an accurate estimate for your language requirements well before the event.

The best interpreters are frequently booked up several months if not years in advance. Let us help you organise your conference, at no additional cost, so that everything is planned in detail and well in advance, enabling us to hire the very best interpreters for your event.

Marketing Abroad

Are you marketing your product in a foreign country?

Interpretec can provide you with a complete, turn-key publicity and promotional service for your product abroad.

We don't just translate your publicity and technical material. We adapt it to the target country's own particular culture, offering a bespoke translation, editing and proof-reading service, so that your product is taken seriously and everything, right down to the instruction manuals, can be clearly and easily understood in the country or target language of your choice.

Our Experience

At Interpretec we know that you rely on your translators and interpreters to reflect your image both at home and abroad. This is why we work with only the best professionals who have had a broad range of experience working with lawyers, CEOs, Company Chairmen, Secretary Generals, public spokesmen, politicians of every rank and file, private investors, scientists, doctors, engineers and security personnel.

Interpretec has 27 years' experience in the sector serving clients, many of whom have been using our services throughout all that time. Some of the delegates we have worked with, either directly or indirectly, include the following:

  • H.M. D. Juan Carlos I de Borbón the King of Spain.

  • H.R.H. D. Felipe de Borbón Prince Phillip of Spain.

  • Al Gore Vice-President of the U.S.A. (1993 – 2001).

  • Mohamed El-Baradei Secretary General of the IAEA.

  • Felipe González Márquez President of Spain (1982–1996).

  • Mariano Rajoy Brey General Secretary of the "Partido Popular".

  • Manuel Chaves González President of the Gov. of Andalusia (1990 – 2009).

  • Carmen Martínez Ten President of the Spanish Nuclear Safety Council

  • Miguel Sebastián Gascón Spanish Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

  • Fuensanta Coves Botella President of the Andalusian Parliament.

Some of the companies and agencies that we have worked with either directly or indirectly include the following:

  • The World Bank.

  • The International Atomic Energy Agency.

  • National Nuclear Security Administration of the U.S.A.

  • Ministry of Defence.

  • The Mediterranean office of Cooperation for the IUCN.

  • The Spanish Ministry of the Environment.

  • Silsoe College, UK.

  • Costain Agroman, S.A.

  • Lovelle España, S.A.

  • Optical Mark Systems, Ltd.

  • Valderrama Golf.

  • Real Club de Golf Las Brisas.

Specialist Knowledge

At Interpretec we know that every discipline, profession or trade has its own language. Our interpreters and translators are chosen not just for their linguistic abilities, but also for the work they specialise in.

Our in-house translation team already has considerable experience in the following sectors:

  • Civil and Corporate Law.

  • Regional & Urban Planning.

  • Construction & Development.

  • Medicine.

  • Engineering.

  • Agriculture.

  • Forensic Science.

  • Accountancy.

  • Tourism.

  • Conservation.

  • Alternative Energy.

  • Golf.

Interpreting Services Q & A

  1. I've been asked to organise an event with simultaneous interpreting. What should I do?
  2. Send us an e-mail or call us on so that we can call you back to discuss your event. We will explain what interpreting facilities and personnel you will need to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day whilst keeping your conference within budget.
  3. I don't need simultaneous interpreting but I have been asked to organise an event with a leading VIP from abroad. What other kinds of interpreting services do you provide?
  4. We also provide personal interpreting services for VIPs and delegates, by supplying and organising interpreters for "chuchotage" and/or consecutive interpreting, where one or more interpreters accompany a delegate and provides them with continuous but discrete simultaneous interpreting to keep them informed of what is happening at a meeting or an event and to enable them to address a meeting and ask questions.
  5. Will I need one interpreter or more?
  6. Because of the degree of concentration required by an interpreter whilst working, the quality of interpreting can vary over time. Tell us what your requirements are and we will tell you whether you need one interpreter, two or more and how much this will cost.
  7. What kind of hardware and equipment will I need to provide simultaneous interpreting facilities?
  8. Together with the quotation that we will send you, we will provide you with an itemised quotation of all the audiovisual equipment you will need to provide simultaneous interpreting facilities. If the venue at which the event is to be held does not have simultaneous interpreting facilities, we can supply and organise all the technical facilities required for your event.
  9. Who should supply the other hardware, like microphones, a public address system, overhead projectors, screens and other equipment?
  10. Ideally, to avoid any confusion and ensure that all the audiovisual facilities are compatible and function correctly on the day, this should be supplied by the same company that supplies the simultaneous interpreting equipment. We provide a complete package for our clients and a quotation, so that you will know exactly how much they are spending or may have to spend on your event.

Translations Q & A

  1. When can I have my translation by?
  2. All our replies to requests for translations provide information on the delivery date for the assignment. If you need a document by a specific date or time, please tell us. We will answer you as soon as possible to let you know whether we are able to deliver the assignment on time or not.
  3. Can you translate documents into or from languages that are not very commonplace?
  4. Usually. We have a sound working relationship with accredited translators for a considerable number of minority or rarer languages both in Spain and abroad and will contact them to see when they can deliver the assignment as and when required by the client.
  5. Do you provide any other document-related services?
  6. Yes. We also carry out corrections, advise on the use of language for publicity material and produce minutes of meetings from recordings for a significant number of clients.

Terms & Conditions


  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. Fees
  4. Standard of Service
  5. Amendments or Additions to the Material Supplied
  6. Corrections
  7. Acceptance of Final Product
  8. Limits of responsibility
  9. Declarations & Guarantees
  10. Termination of Contract
  11. Rights and Ownership
  12. Confidentiality
  13. Indemnity
  14. Method of Payment
  15. Jurisdiction
  1. Introduction

    These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding contract between the Client and Interpretec for the purposes of any services rendered by the latter, notwithstanding which, where any specific terms and conditions have been attached to, or enclosed with, a quotation, such terms and conditions shall in all instances supersede these presents, which presents shall nevertheless prevail in the absence of the terms and conditions normally accompanying a quotation with regard to any dispute concerning correspondence, proposals, contracts for service, promotional material or verbal agreements between the Client and Interpretec.

  2. Definitions

    The terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall be defined in the following manner:

    1. "Interpretec", refers to the sole trader, service provider and author of this web page.
    2. "Terms and Conditions" refers to these Terms and Conditions.
    3. "Client" refers to the person or persons receiving the translation or interpreting service agreed.
    4. "CPI" refers to the Spanish Consumer Price Index.
    5. "Assignment" refers to any services rendered by Interpretec.
    6. "Material Supplied" refers to hard copies or digital copies of documentation or any recordings regardless of the format in which they are supplied.
    7. "Final Product" refers to any completed translations, corrections, minutes or interpreting services rendered by Interpretec.
  3. Fees

    The fees charged by Interpretec shall be as recorded in the quotation sent to the Client at the latter's request. Where a client fails to request such a quotation, all Assignments shall be charged as per the fees previously charged out to the Client during the current calendar year. Where no invoices have been raised for the client during the current calendar year, the fees shall be as per the Client's previous invoice plus the appropriate increase or decrease in the Spanish CPI. Where a Client has never been invoiced by Interpretec before, the fees charged shall be invoiced in accordance with Interpretec's annual price list for such assignments plus VAT.

    Any quotations issued by Interpretec shall only be valid within the calendar year in which they are issued, notwithstanding which, where a quotation is not accepted by the Client within a period of 30 calendar days, Interpretec reserves the right to change the quotation by sending the Client a copy of a new quotation by e-mail prior to beginning work on the Assignment. Where the Client fails to either confirm or reject the new quotation, the Client shall be deemed to have accepted the new quotation and shall be liable for the invoice raised in respect of the same. Interpretec will inform the Client of any additional costs or changes to the delivery date before beginning the Assignment.

  4. Standards of Service

    Interpretec shall render the services agreed to the appropriate professional standard such that the final product is fit for purpose, based on the generally established standards of quality, punctuality and sound judgement.

  5. Amendments or Additions to the Material Supplied

    Any Material Supplied for translation shall be clearly legible or intelligible, as appropriate in each instance, and shall be delivered to Interpretec within the agreed timescale.

    Interpretec shall not be liable for any delays in delivery that are due to the Material Supplied by the Client arriving late, or any other error in dispatching the same, including a failure to receive the material on the part of Intérpretec.

    Any amendments or additions to the Material Supplied must be presented to Interpretec, clearly indicating any changes made and their location with respect to the copy previously supplied. Assessing the cost and the time required to carry out such changes or additions shall be calculated based on the quantity and nature of the amendments and the time required to carry out such changes.

  6. Corrections

    Interpretec will correct the following errors free of charge: any incorrect translations, omissions, spelling errors or grammatical errors.

  7. Acceptance of Final Product

    Where, within a period of 30 calendar days following receipt of the Final Product, the Client fails to contact Interpretec in writing to express any objections or make a complaint concerning the nature of the services rendered, it shall be assumed that the Client is satisfied with the Final Product. The Client shall thereafter exempt Interpretec from any financial liability whatsoever with regard to any complaints that the Client may make in respect of the Product. Interpretec shall, therefore, only be obliged to correct any errors specifically stipulated within this period of time free of charge.

  8. Limits of responsibility

    Interpretec assumes no liability for any damages or losses, whether direct or indirect, or claims made against the Client by third parties, arising as a result of the services rendered by Interpretec, regardless of the object or manner of the action, whether the damages are of a contractual or a non-contractual nature.

    Interpretec shall not be held liable for the return, loss or any possible damage to the Material Supplied. Where any unique or valuable material is sent to Interpretec, the Client shall be responsible for obtaining adequate insurance cover for any damages resulting from the loss or partial or total destruction of such material.

  9. Declarations & Guarantees

    Interpretec declares and guarantees that the service will be rendered following standard in-house quality control procedures, using all the technology, instruments and qualified personnel available, such that the result satisfies the standards of quality proposed and normally applied by Interpretec.

    The Client declares and guarantees a) that the Material Supplied is owned by them; b) that they have the right to freely use such material, and c) that the translation of the Material Supplied and the publication, distribution, sale or other use of the Final Product does not violate any author's rights, trademarks, patents or other third-party rights.

    Interpretec does not guarantee that the use of the Final Product or of the material contained within it does not violate any trade secrets, author's rights, trademarks, patents or other third party rights.

  10. Termination of Contract

    In the event of non-payment by the Client, Interpretec shall be entitled to discontinue any work it is carrying out for the Client at the time, and to immediately declare the contract terminated, whereupon the Client shall be obliged to pay any outstanding fees according to the services rendered by Interpretec up until the time that the contract is terminated.

    Where Interpretec fails to deliver the Final Product, the Client shall be entitled to terminate the contract on payment to Interpretec of any monies owed in respect of any services rendered until such time.

    In the event of termination of contract and subject always to the Client having first paid any monies owed to Interpretec, the latter shall be obliged to return any Material Supplied by the Client, together with any existing translated material as at the date on which the contract is terminated. Notwithstanding the latter, Interpretec shall be entitled to withhold the Material Supplied and the Final Product as a guarantee of payment of any monies owed by the Client, until any monies it is owed have been paid in full.

    Neither of the parties shall be held responsible for delays or non-fulfilment when such delays or non-fulfilment are attributable to force majeure.

  11. Rights and Ownership

    Any rights in respect of the Material Supplied, the Final Product and any author's rights, patents, technology and commercial secrets therein shall remain the sole property of the Client.

    Without prejudice to the latter, the Client acknowledges that Interpretec is the sole and exclusive owner of all the rights concerning (a) any inventions, methodology, innovations, data, technology, software and databases used in the translation or interpretation of the Material Supplied, and (b) any inventions, methodology, innovations, technology, software and databases developed by Interpretec during the course of rendering its services.

  12. Confidentiality

    Interpretec hereby undertakes not to disclose any details concerning the nature of any assignments carried out on behalf of the Client, unless otherwise specifically authorised in writing by the client and for a specific purpose, like, for example, for the purposes of facilitating communications between the Client and any person or persons currently working with or for the Client. Other than for the purposes of facilitating communications between the Client and any person or persons currently working with or for the Client, the nature of the work commissioned and all information given by the Client to Interpretec in any manner or form shall at all times be subject to the utmost confidentiality, unless Interpretec is specifically required to divulge such information by Law.

  13. Indemnity

    The Client shall indemnify Interpretec, its agents, managers, staff, employees, collaborators, representatives and assignees against any loss, damage, cost or expense, including legal costs, arising from or connected with any claim or legal action concerning (a) the fulfilment of this contract, (b) the Client's violation of the contractual declarations and guarantees, (c) the production, publicity, promotion, sale or distribution of any material on behalf of the Client, (d) any duty, tax, tariff or similar charge laid down by Law or by the production, publicity, promotion, use, importation, licensing or distribution of any material on behalf of the Client, and (e) any claim for damages as a consequence of the violation by the Final Product of any author's rights, trademarks, industrial patents or other rights thereon.

  14. Method of Payment

    Payment shall be made in full by bank transfer to the favour of the account indicated by Interpretec on its invoice, within 30 calendar days of receipt of such invoice by the Client, or, where the Client is a new Client, or otherwise stipulated in the terms and conditions normally accompanying a quotation, prior to commencing work on the assignment.

  15. Jurisdiction

    These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Spain. Whereby, it is hereby agreed by the parties that any dispute concerning the interpretation of this contract shall be referred to the Courts and Tribunals of Estepona in the Province of Málaga, Spain.

Legal Notice & Information on the Conditions of Use of this Web Site


  1. Details Identifying the Owner of this Web Site
  2. Definitions
  3. Conditions of Use
  4. Intellectual Property Rights
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  8. Quality of Site
  9. Limits of Liability
  10. Notifications
  11. Content Availability
  12. Personal Data Protection
  13. Jurisdiction
  14. Applicable Legislation
  1. Details Identifying the Owner of this Web Site

    In compliance with the disclosure of information stipulated under article 10 of Act 34/2002 of 11th July, concerning information society and e-commerce services and as the owner of the web site www.interpretec.es, this is to inform you that the details required by the aforesaid regulations are as follows:

    • Trade Name: INTÉRPRETEC

    • Registered Address: Finca La Escribana, Camino de Los Limones s/n, 29492 Genalguacil (Málaga)

    • Tax Code: X0780428S

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    • Details Concerning the Trade Name: INTÉRPRETEC is the trade name of the freelance self-employed translator and interpreter Antony Rafael Wheatley, MA Oxon, AICE.

    The following information defines and regulates the conditions of use, the limits of liability and the obligations that the users of this web site, published under the domain name www.interpretec.es, do hereby assume and undertake to abide by.

  2. Definitions

    1. “Site”: the domain www.interpretec.es which is made available to internet Users;

    2. “User”: any person or persons using or navigating on the Site;

    3. “Contents”: refers to the pages comprising the domain www.interpretec.es in its entirety, consisting of the information and the services that INTÉRPRETEC makes available to internet Users. The pages contain messages, text, photographs, graphics, icons, logos, technology, links, textures, drawings, sound and/or graphic files, recordings, software, imagery, graphic design and font codes, and, generally, any kind of material contained in the Site.

    4. “Web”: a technical term that describes the method of access to the information via the internet, which is set up by means of pages created in HTML or a similar language, and programming mechanisms like Java, Javascript, PHP, or others. These pages designed and published under an internet domain name are a product of the information that the owner places at the disposal of internet Users.

    5. “Hyperlink”: a technique enabling the User to navigate through the different pages on the Site, or on the internet, by simply clicking on the text, icon, button or symbol containing the link.

    6. “Cookies”: a technical means affording “traceability” and navigation monitoring on Web sites. These are small text files that are written on the User's computer. This method has implications affecting privacy. INTÉRPRETEC shall therefore provide due notice of their use at the appropriate time, as and when these are introduced on the Site.

  3. Conditions of Use

    Any person or persons using the Site shall be deemed a User of the Site. Such use shall automatically imply the complete, full and unconditional acceptance of each and every one of the clauses, terms and conditions included in this Legal Notice. Where the User does not agree to the clauses, terms and conditions of use of this Legal Notice, the User shall refrain from using the Site.

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    Any User shall be obliged and hereby undertakes to use the Site and its Contents in accordance with the current legislation thereon, this Legal Notice and any other notice or instructions that are brought to their attention, either by means of this Legal Notice or in any other location within the Contents comprising this Site, and in accordance with the generally accepted rules of moral etiquette, good manners and protocol.

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    The User shall refrain from obtaining and even attempting to obtain the Contents by using methods or procedures other than: those that have been made available to the User for such purposes, in each instance; those that have been recommended for the purposes thereof in the pages of the Web Site containing the Contents, or, generally, any others that are normally used on the internet to such effect, subject to such procedures not involving any risk of damaging or disabling the Site and/or its Contents.

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    Any unauthorised use of the information contained in this Site and any damage to the intellectual or industrial property rights of INTÉRPRETEC or those pertaining to any third parties as have been included in the Site and who have supplied such contents shall give rise to the established legal liability thereon.

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    • The site on which the Hyperlink is established shall not contain any information or contents that is illegal, morally reproachable and contrary to any generally accepted form or public order. It shall also not contain any contents that infringes the rights of any person or persons.

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    Cookies are a technical means of tracing and monitoring navigation on Web sites. They are small text files that are recorded on the User's computer. This method has implications for privacy. The User is therefore hereby notified that INTÉRPRETEC may use Cookies for the purpose of producing statistics on the use of the Site and to identify the User's PC, thus enabling INTÉRPRETEC to recognise it on any subsequent visits. A User may however configure their navigator so that it does not permit the use of Cookies whilst visiting the Site.

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  8. Quality of Site

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    The information contained on the pages comprising the Site is solely for the purposes of information, consultation, promotion and publicity. Under no circumstances shall such pages constitute any kind of binding or contractual liability.

  9. Limits of Liability

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  10. Notifications

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  11. Content Availability

    In principle, the services are rendered by the Site and its Contents in perpetuity, notwithstanding which INTÉRPRETEC is hereby authorised to terminate or suspend the services rendered by the Site and/or any of its Contents at any time. Whenever it is reasonably possible to do so, INTÉRPRETEC shall provide prior warning of the termination or the suspension of the Site.

  12. Personal Data Protection

    INTÉRPRETEC is aware of the importance of keeping details of a personal nature private, as a result of which it has introduced a data processing policy aimed at ensuring the utmost security in the use and collection of such details, thus guaranteeing compliance with the current regulations thereon, whilst establishing such a policy as one of the organisation's fundamental business principles.

    Whilst navigating on the Site www.interpretec.es, you may be asked for details of a personal nature on different forms provided for such purposes. Such details shall comprise part of the relevant files as a function of the defined and specific objectives that motivated the collection of such details.

    Hence, the specific information concerning the data processing of such details shall be supplied together with each of the Web Site's forms, for the purposes of which the person or persons responsible for such files shall in all instances be INTÉRPRETEC, with address at Finca La Escribana, Camino de Los Limones s/n, 29492 Genalguacil (Málaga). INTÉRPRETEC shall also be responsible for the place and the rules applicable for the purposes of exercising any rights of access, rectification, cancelation and opposition, which should be submitted in writing to the address indicated above, together with a copy of the User's National Identity Card or equivalent documentation.

    Where the User supplies such details in an e-mail, the e-mail shall be saved as a file, the purpose of which shall be to respond to the request or comment made, with regard to which the rest of the terms and conditions referred to in the preceding paragraph shall also apply.

    Furthermore, where any of the services available are retained, the General Terms and Conditions of Contract for INTÉRPRETEC's services shall also contain the characteristics and the nature of the data processing activities to be carried out by INTÉRPRETEC.

    Additionally, INTÉRPRETEC has implemented the technical and organisational measures required to prevent the loss, misuse, manipulation, unauthorised access to and theft of any Personal Data that the User may supply as a consequence of obtaining access to the different sections of the Web Site www.interpretec.es and has applied the security measures anticipated under Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21st December, in which the Regulations for the implementation of Act 15/1999, of 13th December, on the Protection of Data of a Private Nature, were approved.

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